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Archidona, and his past.

Archidona was declared a Historic and Artistic Heritage site in 1980, for Baroque Urban and architectural Heritage. It has a very long history, as several archaeological sites show, and is home to areas of ecological interest such as the Natural Lagoons Reserve of Archidona. The most impresive site for visitors will be the hilltp with the Sanctuary of La Virgen de Gracia, the beloved patron saint of Archidon. Currently a chapel, it was reconverted from an old Mosque (the only one conserved in the province of Malaga), from the 9th Century, and to make it more unique, It is surrounded by an Arab fortress.

Other important monuments to mention are: Plaza Ochavada, the masterpiece of Archidona´s urbanism, being the town´s main square with an unique octogonal design, from the 18th century. Many beautiful churches can as the main Church of Santa Ana in a Gothic and Baroque style, or the Convent of the Monjas Mínimas. 

Furthermore, Archidona has the best location to discover many important cities in Andalusia, such as Málaga, Ronda, Granada or Córdoba, that are all a short ride from our house.

Whenever you come to visit, the town will offer you interesting activities, as all events related to Easter, Summer festivals, celebrations for the patron Saint Virgen de Gracia, the international Dog Exhibition, the Mediterranean Cinema Festival "Archidona Cinema" among many others.



Many activities are being offered to enjoy nature around the town, hiking and climbing aroung the cave " Cueva de la Graja" , routes by bike or horse in the countryside, or adventrure activities as rafting.

Visit this video to discover more about the typical Andalusian town of Archidona:

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